SCWCF is no longer available

I am no longer living in South Carolina, and  no longer running the South Carolina Women’s Choice Fund. Reproductive health care is still very important to me and I hope every woman needing assistance is able to receive it.

If you need financial assistance, please contact Access Reproductive Care – Southeast. Access Reproductive Care – Southeast helps Southerners and their families navigate the pathways to access safe, compassionate, and affordable reproductive care by providing financial and logistical support and building power in our communities through advocacy, education, and leadership development.

The Access Reproductive Care – Southeast healthline supports callers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee. If you would like to request financial assistance or practical support (rides, lodging, or escorting), please give them a call at (855) 227-2475 or submit an online support request.


My name is Sue and I run the South Carolina Women’s Choice Fund.  I do this because I believe that no woman should be denied needed medical services due to her inability to pay.  If you need financial assistance, see the Get Help page for how to request assistance.  Learn more about us on the About SCWCF page.  If you would like to help women by making a donation, please see the Donate page.  Thanks!